When an upgrade backfires

DSCF0409On one of my many trip to Chicago I decided to get an upgrade in train seating for the train ride home. I had done business class once before and was very pleased with it: you get free drink, first go at the food, comfortable seating, a place to charge things. What more could a person want.

Well on this one trip I learned that the upgrade caused more problems than comforts. I purchased the upgrade late the night before my trip and left my wallet in the office. We were expecting dog company  that weekend and my mom had closed all the doors, including the office one. We spend a half hour trying to find that wallet and ended up racing to the train station, luckily the train was delayed or I would have missed it

The trip went fine and I got on the train toward home at union station, I was able to catch up on my email. Guess I did a little to much online time because my eyes became strained to the point of stinging, opps. The real problem happened when it was time for my stop, being all the way up in business class all I could see was a field instead of the station I would have seen if I had been in regular seating.  Plus the guy  who had the same stop as mine was comfortable listening to music so I thought I was fine.

Wrong, the guy was asleep then and the ticket guy realized the mistake at the next stop stating we were supposed to have gotten off at Jackson and we were now in Ann Arbor, an hour away from the original stop. I disembarked at this stop and quickly tried to reach my mom who was at the station by herself, the station in Jackson for some reason closes at 2 pm. This means any later trains are on their own. Well she didn’t answer the phone so I tried half my contacts and finally reached my neighbor whom I just wanted to go tell my mom what had happened and I was going to take a cab home.

The story ends well , the neighbor told me not to get a cab that he would come and get me . I finally reached mom and she met us in Chelsea. While the upgrade seems appealing it caused more problems, next train trip it’s commoner status for me.


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