My Adventues using Airbnb

DSCN0210I started using the site this year and had two different experiences while during my last vacation traveling through Chicago on my way to and from my final destination of Denver. If anyone remembers the big travel fiasco last Oct that delayed and canceled flights to and from Chicago, I was caught up in that.

First Stay

The first of my stays was unplanned and did not go well at all. Of course this also partly due to my past experience using bed and breakfasts so I was expecting something similar to that when I rented a room from someone. I had flown into O’Hare and was expected to find a place to stay overnight unplanned, searching online I found a listing that would take me on short notice. So after a high rate taxi ride  I arrived at the place the girl greeting me gave me the brief tour then left for work.

I spent most of the day  with her cat, who can open the bedroom doors. I did get some sightseeing in and photos taken. I did not come prepared thanks to that little rule of no liquids on the plane and neither was my host and the place did not look as neat as in the photos. Once my host arrived home I was expecting interaction what I got instead of being left alone while she was holed up in her bedroom. I guess the majority of those who use the site expect their privacy. Sure I was a new guest to the site but she was also a new host and as unprepared to have guests.

Second Stay

My return trip through Chicago had a much better stay. I had booked this place earlier in the year and had communicated with the host Mya, who was very helpful with information and welcoming to me. My flight was delayed and I got in later than expected and even though I did not see my host my entire stay, the place was beautiful. There was a bowl of candy waiting on the counter for me. Shampoo in the bathroom and the host was available if I had any questions at all.

This  was what I was expecting and I made sure to  give a very good review when I left. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to stay in Chicago.

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