Delsey Suitcase Review 2014

Last march I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Chicago and I won the grand prize of a not yet released Delsey  Chatelet Suitcase. While I did not get to use all the features of this great suitcase I found out just how valuable it was even if I did lose the user manual.  I was able to take the suitcase on two trips with me, one to Chicago and a road trip to Indiana. I’ve also used it in my work trips.

DSCF0452Trip 1: Chicago I took the suitcase with me on the train ride to Chicago and it handled really well. It was lightweight and stored easily above my seat. I got compliments on it and I was able to use the side handle that looks like the old-fashioned luggage to get it up and down the stairs at union station once in Chicago. No more having the drag it along using the pull out handle or having to carry it down the stairs, now I can just turn it to the side, pick it up and go. It’s compact design makes it light weight yet still has lots of storage. Also on this trip I used the two cloth bags that come included, one for my personal beauty items and the other for my undergarments and this saved me space that my bulky beauty bag would have taken up and in the extra space I was able to fit 3 pairs of sandals. It handled the durability test as I decided to walk from my hotel in River North to the union station and it dealt with all the bumps and rough services great the only wear was that it got wet from the puddles. It also was able to hold my other bag and made travel easy.

Trip 2: Indiana The second trip I took was a road trip down to Lafayette IN for a family reunion. I was able to pack all the clothes I needed and it handled the car ride well. This time I tried using the bag that looked like it could be a hamper and it did not do well as my clothes kept falling out of the sides in the bottom part. It could have worked better if they had added meshing to those openings to keep the clothes in. The side handle again helped when carrying it to the car. Since my trips I’ve started to use it for my work trips as a petsitter and I am able to store it in the car and get 3-4 days worth of clothes in. I’ve enjoyed using this suitcase and look forward to getting another Delsey suitcase for future trips.

This suitcase is most suitable for short trips of a few days or a weekend adventure I don’t think it would be able to hold a weeks worth of  clothes unless you are an expert packer. Information about the Delsey Chatelet Suitcase is on their website and it’s set to be released next week on

In an interview with the company marketing representative Mimi Hoang, here is some more information : Tell The Idea behind The Chalet Design: Delsey “This design embodies everything DELSEY! Classic Parisian style and colors combined with modern innovation, thanks to the one-of-a-kind brake system”

What are options for trips longer than weekend trip: For a sporty get away, DELSEY has a hybrid Beauboug collection that combines the best of hard-side and soft-side luggage in a case that can be rolled as a trolley bag or worn as a backpack. And for those girls getaways, DELSEY has created a collection for women”

What Should people think when they think Delsey Luggage

Timeless quality, audacious design, and Parisian chic… DELSEY creates luggage that makes travel easy


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