WITS14 A Sorority of Travelers

DSCF0101I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Chicago last march, which was put together by the Go Girl Travel Network.  . As you know I do travels once a year in the US,  in the past I’ve been to Charleston, Newport, Northern Michigan and Chicago. This was my return trip to Chicago and after the conference I stayed at the same bed and breakfast I stayed at last may.

“Be a storyteller better yet be a story-doer” How to Be Your Own Everything Session

It targeted women travelers and those who blogged about their travels, I was surprised that there were so many women like myself that were personal travelers but looking to get into travel blogging. There will be a new travel blog added to the Reality Family which is Reality Travel which will debut later this year. Right now I am taking part in the Mentorship Program which was created by Wits to help pair up experienced travel bloggers with those of us who are new to this whole experience. I was paired up with Natalie who is a travel blogger and a producer, which is perfect seeing as I also have this entertainment blog. Each month we will be covering a different topic: Photos, Blog Title Ideas, Networking, Blog Format, Message & Audience, and Blog Post Frequency. In the end of this I hope to be a better blogger.

“When it’s you and the world together you’re never alone”~ Nomadic Chick

We had so many great sessions, I mainly went to the session and panels on blogging learning more about editing, social media and the blogger, and How to be my own everything which includes publicity, marketing etc. The panelists were well prepared for their presentations and in some of them we even got to see some banter between them which was lots of fun. I came away with lots of notes and information which I can use to improve this blog.

“You all have your own talents things only you can offer, write in the way you see yourself and inspire others to travel “~ Journeywoman

Also, there were some great keynote speakers including @NomadicChick and DSCF0115@Journeywoman as well as many exhibitors and sponsors which gave their talks too. I am inspired by these courageous woman who have traveled the world, while I may never see the world I can explore the US and share their experiences through what they write.

“You’re the editor and publisher and are limited only by your imagination” How to Break Into Travel Blogging

In addition to learning about blogging I made new friends and connected with an old one. I had an amazing roommate Vanessa who gave me advice and welcomed me to the conference. I made an awesome new friend Teri who is also from Michigan and a friendship was born. On my last morning in Chicago I hooked up with Pola who welcomed me to Chicago the first time I was there taking me out to coffee and we have formed a friendship.

“Find what’s unique about you and make that your brand”

I valued all those that I met at the conference and I’m excited to see those new friends in Boston for Wits15.  I also discovered that niceness always comes back to you. The biggest surprise was that I won the grand prize a new unreleased suitcase by Delsey.


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