Advice to Newbies from a WITS Vet

DSCF0135I attended the first Women in Travel Summit last year in Chicago and learned a lot from it, there was also several things that as a newbie I learned and am now passing this along to the newbie who are attending this event.

Get Connected: Before the conference participate in the travel chat #girlstravel held every Monday at 1 pm est to get connected with the other girls who are attending. This way you can get to know them and even make some friends. It was so much easier to recognize faces when I went to the conference having talked to them online first.  On a side note also put your twitter handle with your name badge its easier to recognize by your twitter name in addition to your name.

Be Prepared : Get ready for anything, have enough fiancés for cab fare, meals, if you want to do shopping and also shipping fees to send that Samsonite bag home, and in my case ship a suitcase home as last year I won the Delsey suitcase. Have around $100 in cash with you to handle all your travel needs, put half in your wallet and the other half in your bag incase something happens or theif of the wallet you have extra money.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: I missed out on getting to know others because I was so shy and I was waiting for others to come to me. We’re all here for the same reason because we love travel, so go up and talk to someone give them a compliment and strike up a conversation, you might just end up making a life long friend. I met one of my travel friends online  Pola online when I was planning my vacation to Chicago and now every time I’m there I visit with her.  Also, don’t be afraid to connect with the exhibitors it could mean writing material for your blog.

Take Time out to Explore: Sure we all love being with others and what the conference has to offer but if you have never been to Boston before like me, take time to explore it to. Weather it’s trying out a restaurant, going on a tour or walking around taking photos your getting to be a traveler and hopefully getting inspiration for writing. When I was in Chicago I woke up at 6 am and just walked downtown Chicago taking photos, I loved that time and hope to do the same thing in Boston.

Welcome to all the newbies this year, you will love all that this conference has to offer, we are a  sorority  of travelers. It doesn’t matter if your a seasoned blogger, a world traveler or a vacation traveler and newbie travel blogger; we all love travel. I’m Lorrie @Reality_Travel and I look forward to meeting you at WITS15 in Boston!


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