Traveler’s Guide to AirBnB

DSCN0207Last year I stated using a site that was recommended to me Airbnb, its a place where you can find a place to stay for under what you would pay at a hotel. You have several options to share a room with someone, rent a room at someone’s home or rent the entire residence to yourself.

 First Steps:

Create an account either by using you email or logging in though Facebook, get a picture loaded up and tell a bit about yourself and your travels.

Start Exploring:

You are now ready to do your first search, select where you want to go and what dates you are looking to travel. Pick out if you want to rent a room from someone or rent the entire place ( if you pick this selection  most owners add on some fees and a security deposit to the total fee).  You can specify how much you want to spend and any other specific needs you have. It will then come up with a list of possible places you can stay at.

You have the option to save places you like on a favorites list, make sure to look at their reviews from others as to if they were a good host and feel free to contact the owner with any questions. Be warned that the reviews make be deceiving, the first person I stayed with had awesome reviews but I did not get that interaction as other guests had in the past.

Booking Your First Stay:

When booking you can either go with someone who will instant approve those listings with a lighting bolt next to it, this means they are quick to approve or one without. Once you have choosen the place you  want to rent or stay send a message to the person and if approved you will then start talking back and forth with them going over details.

When I stayed in Chicago twice through Airbnb I had two totally different experiences one was planned the other was not.

During Your Stay:

Make sure to treat the place with care and be nice to the host. But also be willing to ask questions and voice your concerns with your host if you choose to rent from someone, its that person’s job that you enjoy your stay. My mistake was that I assumed it was like a B&B and that the host would be around more often. Make sure to leave the place the way you found it when you leave.

After Your Stay:

When you arrive home make sure and do a review of the place you stayed and your host. Be honest as you can be if they were wonderful rave about them ad if they need improvement make sure to say that nicely. After you do your review you will be able to see your hosts review on you.

Stay tuned later this week to learn about my adventures with Airbnb.


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