Wits2015 Boston – Women’s Travel Summitt

I attended my second travel summit in Boston last month hosted by  Wanderful(previously Go Girl Travel) while the same conference there as a different vibe to each one making each worth attending. \


This year was at the Revere Hotel in the theater district of Boston. The hotel as modern yet had an amazing view and the restaurant is outstanding, very quality service and worth the stay there. Sure the wifi acted up but what hotel is prepared for 300 socially savvy women all hogging up the internet all at once. Yes you read that right there were that many women and a few supportive men in our audience. We were lead by the Boston Go Girl Group who worked tirelessly to make this event go well along with the founder and her team of speakers.


There were several tours offered before the conference, I took advantage of the Harvard Tour and the On Location Tours Movie and TV tours ( expect a review of that tour sometime this month). These tours allowed attendees to connect with each other much more than last year conference allowed us to. The first even was held off site and hosted by several restaurants including a wine selection from one of the sponsors Finger Lakes Wine Country. It was a well planned networking event which I enjoyed although I only stayed an hour of it then walked home with roommate.


While we did have great speakers speaking about all kinds of things like managing your day using a flow chart, dealing with technical issues on word press, a traveler’s experience in the peace corps etc. There was plenty to offer and those sessions that I went to I enjoyed.


The second nights hosted event was again by Travel Massive and I am not much of a networking person so to me it didn’t impress me but I look forward to working with them when they arrive in Michigan. I enjoyed both of the opening and closing speeches by AsianFusionGirl and AdventurousKate

This year there was a twist in that we voted where WITS 2016 will be held, Reps from Branson, Irvine and NZ came to appeal to us and in the end we choose sunny Irvine, CA. As the rep stated “ Irvine is the quintessential; California Experience with beach, mountain and lots of adventure”.


The highlight of my time at WITS15 was meeting my mentor Natalie @TravelMirror I became a part of the mentorship program offered through the first conference, I worked each month on a different topic with her and she helped me to become a travel writer.

Overall I hope that those who attended the Wits of Chicago and Boston attend WITS16 in Irvine ca!  Wits 15 was a wonderful experience thanks to Beth and her team.


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