My Trip to Charleston

Day 1-

left detroit at 7 am arriving in Baltimore early, well this was to my disadvantage I thought I had more time than I did. I was away from the gate when they boarded and so they had to page me. I take my bag down the flight stairs to find out I was the last person on the plane. Got to Charleston around 11 am and headed to the hotel. dropped off my bag then found the trolley that went to downtown, did lots of walking to get to aquarium and then lunch then back to trolley , so I didn’t get back to hotel till around 5 pm. except for dinner my meals were great that day.

Day 2-

started the day out early and headed back to the trolley, got dropped off downtown and walked to the different houses and museums to see things and did some shopping on king street which is the major shopping district of the town. went to another great restaurant downtown and headed home early. Decided to check out the nightlife in Charleston and the bar scene, went to two bars O’Malley and Tommy Codons ( mostly i ended up with blisters on my feet from the walk in heels across town and a decent meal, then men were not interested).


Day 3-

started out the day with a harbor tour which was fun and entertaining, learned a lot about Charleston and got a whole new view of the area. Then that evening went to Folly Beach and saw the ocean. Wow what a sight it was gorgeous, wish it hadn’t been as crowded but the upside was that i had the inside of the restaurant I went to all to myself since everyone else wanted an outdoor table.  It seems all the men who are flirtatious and nice to me are taken, just my luck. Finally got back to the room around 10 pm.

Day 4-

My last full day in Charleston and it started out with going to Boone Hall, a plantation on the outskirts of mt pleasant, sc (filming location of North and South and Queen). The gardens were beautiful as was the house. The carriage tour left a bit to be desired, half the tour as about farming and crops (which im sure to the city folk was fascinating but to me from rural Michigan it was boring I wanted history). I mean why go on a tour when I can just go to my local farm across town.  Finished my day by exploring the downtown by now I knew the streets and my way back to the trolley route.

Day 5-

spent most of the day in airports from 6 am-2 pm. It was odd going from slow Charleston to  fast paced  Chicago was a bit disorienting, such different ways of life between the two.

I did around 10 miles walking during my week away and I learned to relax, enjoy life and not stress out over the little things.


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