I’m Back and Ready to Travel

I’ve been away working this summer with my business as a pet sitter the summer is my busiest time with clients but it’s also the mot rewarding. Here are my fall travel plans for the next two months hoping to get lots of material and photos for the blog with these trips.


September~ Mackinaw Island Trip and Western Michigan coast Tour

I happen to have lucked out with this unexpected trip that I have planned for next month. I randomly and often enter contests for trips to different places. It’s a very rare chance that you get picked but it happens and this time I got lucky. While I did not win the grand prize I got a lower prize of a $75 gift certificate to Bicycle Inn up on Mackinaw Island and the package also includes 10% off bike rental and discounted ferry rides. When I totaled the discount for one night it came to under 200 so I’m taking the trip.

I plan to drive up north and get the noon ferry, stay overnight and then drive home along the Western Michigan Coast line. So far stops planned are : Petoskey, Traverse City, Manistee, Ludington and Muskegon.

October ~ Road Trip out West to Nebraska

I’m taking my first multi state road trip to visit my best friend who moved out to Nebraska this year. I plan to drive though Illinois, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Staying overnight in Des Moines, Lincoln, and St Louis. I’ve managed to get the driving down to around 9-10 hours a day and lodging low by booking rooms though Airbnb.

I am unsure if I will get dates while in my stop cities or venture off the path to do exploring but I know this will be a grand adventure that I look forward to sharing with you my readers.

What cities do you think I should visit in Michigan? Any tip for going on a road trip?


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